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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Walking without the sling begins

It was time to start testing Nathan's walking abilities outsite without his sling.  To our surprise, he was able to walk about 4 minutes completely on his own.  Then, we continued the walk with his sling.  So, this became our new walking procedure.  4 minutes unassisted, then the balance using the sling.   He was not able to walk as far even with the sling after the 4 minutes on his own.   Having to work so hard to keep his balance appeared to be wearing him out faster.   It seemed worthwhile to do a shorter overall walk in order to have those first few minutes of unassisted walking.   Nathan was also doing quite a few little squeaks of pee pee on these walks.  At our Sept 1 acupuncture visit, the vet was very positive about our progress.  So much so, he felt it was time to move to every other week of treatments instead of every week.  He felt that Nathan now had a good chance of making even further improvements.   Woo hoo!

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