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Thursday, September 15, 2011

My fire dog

Nathan is a fire dog, at least that is how the acupuncturist describes him.   When he enters a room, you know it.  He commands attention.  Nathan has learned that the vet gives him lots of treats during his acupuncture.  At today's acupuncture appointment, Nathan would not stop barking at the vet until he got his treats.  It fact, he kept making such a fuss, the vet had to give him a B-12 shot in his head to calm him down.  

This past week had been a tough one because Nathan has begun pooping 3 times a day now (which is actually how often he used to go before all this happened).  Over the last few months, he had only been pooping 1-2 times per day, which we got by using the ice cube trick.   This 3rd poop has been coming at all different times during the day, sometimes when we aren't home, and causing a mess.  Looks like we will have to do a mid-day ice cube.  I conveyed all this to the vet today and he felt it could be that Nathan was actually improving his motility and therefore getting back to his "normal" poop count!  So, maybe good, maybe bad, depending on which way you look at it.   In any case, I cleaned up a fair amount of poop this week!!!

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