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Friday, September 2, 2011

Our New Daily Routine

One thing we learned was part of our new routine was dealing with the lack of potty control.   I became an expert in emptying Nathan's bladder which I did about 5 times a day.   We were going through about 150 pee pee pads a month as I found it was much easier to do inside with him laying on his side.  I also learning a life-saving ice cube trick from a women on the handicap pet website who had a dog in a similar condition.   If you rub an ice cube on the dog's butt, it causes contractions and makes a poop come out, if there is one.   This significantly reduced indoor accidents by allowing us to control when Nathan pooped.   It did not eliminate the issue, but at least reduce it to none or one times a day.   Unfortunately, as we learned, regular doggie day places will not take a dog who cannot go potty.  So, when our 10th wedding anniversary long weekend came around, we were left scrambling to find a way to not have to cancel that trip.  We found someone who would take the dogs into their home and empty Nathan's bladder.  But, as it turned out,  Nathan was just too high maintenance at this point, and his feet got badly scrapped up scooting around on is own.

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