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Sunday, September 25, 2011


Time to retire the sling.  Nathan is walking unassisted 50% further than he was just 2 weeks ago.   We've stopped using the sling now.  Nathan has enough strength and coordination now in his back legs to be able to walk without falling over every 10 feet.  He also seems to have learned how to compensate for his weaker right leg.  His biggest struggle with walking was falling over to the side of this weaker leg.  But, now it doesn't stop him.  I also hardly ever have to lift up his butt to get him walking.  He's now able to stand up on his own, even if he falls over.   I think part of the improvement also comes from his gaining confidence in his abilities. Walking without the sling is good for his confidence and is also forcing him to improve his balance.  

Can't wait to see where we are a month from now!!  It's a competition to get as well as Penny....I'll tell you about the Penny competition tomorrow.

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