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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Nathan, the sheepdog?

Since Nathan was a pup, he insisted on the "family" walk (mommy, daddy, Nathan, & Frankie).  Although, he would still enjoy a walk with whomever took him, he clearly had his preference.  If my husband went to put on Nathan's leash and I was in the other room, Nathan would run to find me and start poking me hard behind the legs with his nose, herding me into the other room.   While he can't herd us right now, he still makes his feelings known.  When I walk him alone, he acts like he can barely walk.  And each time he does this, of course, I panic.  Is  there something wrong? 

Tonight's family walk renewed my confidence that he still has lots of improvement ahead of him.  He was full of energy and set a new record for walking unassisted, going about 1 minute further, and then completing the balance of the long walk with his sling.  Since he began walking unassisted about 2 wks ago, he hasn't been able to complete the long walk.  So, tonight was a great accomplishment!

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