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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Entering the 4th month

As July came and went, we realized our hopes for a quick recovery were slipping away.  With the help of the water therapy, Nathan had regained the ability to walk several steps unassisted.  This was significant because it now allowed us to effectively use a sling to allow him to walk distances assisted.  The problem was, Nathan, being, well, Nathan, he wanted nothing to do with anything under his body.  As soon as we put a sling on, he froze up and refused to move.   I puzzled over how to make a sling that he would not really notice.  One day it came to me, His normal harness runs across the bottom of his stomach.  If I could hook something around that and run it back between his legs, one piece on each side of his tail, that might work.  But, it would have to be very thin, yet strong.  I found a long thin scarf of mine that fit the bill.  SUCCESS!  Something he didn't mine having on him.  Soon, we were going on short walks using the sling and after he got tired, the pet stroller.  Oh, I guess I didn't tell the pet stroller story....

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