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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Another 3 weeks

The vet acupuncturist was booked 3 weeks in advance. So, after this initial consultation, we had to wait another 3 weeks for our first treatment.   Nathan continued to walk with his sling and slowly was increasing the distance he could go.  At the time of the first treatment, he could walk 1/2 of the distance of our long walk, using his sling.  So, Nathan would walk his 1/2 walk, and ride in his pet stroller on the way home.   Finally, it was time for the first treatment.  We didn't have any high expectations, so we were not disappointed when we did not see any changes.   The 2nd treatment, 7 days later, was exciting.   For the 3 days following that treatment, Nathan experience frenzied behavior.  He had significant energy and wanted to walk and run, of course, using his sling.  We were elated.  The day following that treatment, Nathan walked the full distance of our long walk.  Same the next day.  After the 3rd day, he crashed.  It was heartbreaking.  We were right back where we were the week before, 1/2 walks.   When his 3rd visit rolled around a few days later, I described the week's events to the doctor.  As I cried in his office, he explained that this was normal.  That did not make it any less heartbreaking for me.  After that day's 3rd treatment, everything would change....

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