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Monday, September 5, 2011

The famous pet stroller

We became well-known in our neighbor for having the dog who rode in the stroller!  People would all stop and ask how Nathan was and ask if he was getting any better.   By mid-July, Nathan could walk, with the sling, about 25% of the distance of our long walk.   He did not appear to be regaining potty control.   We were getting desperate to try anything.   The vet who did our water therapy had mentioned a vet who did acupuncture in our area who was actually also a teacher at the Chi Institute in Florida.   He was supposed to be an expert, so I emailed him and asked about acupuncture, specifically for potty control.  He responded that he'd had good results and we should bring Nathan in for an exam.   He was booked up 3 weeks in advance.   When we finally got in to see him, after examining Nathan and hearing his story, he gave us only a 50-50 chance.    He recommended that we give him 5 visits to treat Nathan and see what happens.   So, we did...

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