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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Crest Lake Park

It had become our normal Saturday morning ritual to take Nathan and Frankie to the dog park since they were puppies.  Hard to believe, but its been nearly 5 years of our Saturday ritual.   Since Nathan's injury, we were no longer able to go to the park.  Once Nathan was able to take some steps with his sling, we began taking the boys to the dog park again.  Although Nathan preferred to scoot on the grass rather than walk, he did like to mark his territory, so the park was the only place that he made any attempts to empty his bladder.  This was the main reason we began going to the park again despite the fact Nathan could not walk or run around.  It was August 27th, and now, Nathan could walk steadily with the help of his sling.  So, the park was fun again!  Nathan made laps around the park and marked everything in site.  It was awesome to see him peeing!  Our old Saturday ritual was back in place.

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