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Saturday, December 21, 2013

A Day of Reflection

It’s hard to believe a year has passed since we said goodbye to our beloved Nathan. A day does not go by where I do not think of him and my heart breaks a little. I say a little prayer for him each night before going to bed. On our Christmas tree this year, we have a new ornament. The design was courtesy of Amber DaWeenie, which I turned into an ornament.
After several months of soul-searching, we made the decision to find Frankie a new brother. Frankie was very sad and lonely without his brother. So, we look online at the several dachshund rescues in our area.  
On the D.A.R.E site, we saw a cute little chiweenie named Petey. Petey was a stray, so they didn’t know how old he was. Based on the condition of his teeth, the Vet figured he was about 5. Frankie never liked dogs other than Nathan, so we were apprehensive about getting another dog. We drove over to the foster home with Frankie in tow. The first thing we noticed was that Frankie and Petey were about the same size, same color and had same white marking on their necks, head, feet and tails. More amazing was that Frankie did seem to be afraid of Petey at all. We took all this as a sign and adopted Petey immediately.

Upon bringing Petey home, we discovered he had a talent!   He was a dancer
We call it the happy dance!

We took Petey to the Vet and discovered his teeth were far worse than anticipated. $1,300 later, Petey was left with only 15 of his 42 teeth. Not only were the teeth rotting away, but he had abscesses as well. So, he doesn’t get to enjoy hard bones, but we manage to find yummy treats that he can still enjoy. 
Petey and Frankie became good friends pretty quickly. At first, Petey was annoyed by Frankie’s constant licking and grooming. After a while, Petey decided he like it and returned the favor by grooming Frankie too. Now, they sit together and groom each other, often simultaneously.  

For Halloween, the boys of course dressed up like a hotdog and a taco!

November rolled around and it was time the Dox-A-Palooza (D.A.R.E’s big annual fund raiser). For the 5th time, Frankie defended his Lick-A-Lot contest title and WON!

Now it’s the holiday season and Petey joined our family for his first holiday card picture (Petey on left, Frankie on right).

While I’m still missing a great big piece of my heart, we are grateful that we were able to bring Petey into our home and give him the love and care he deserves, while at the same time giving Frankie a new best friend.

Much love to all our furry friends. Happy Holidays!