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Friday, May 18, 2012


We've starting working on cavalettis with Nathan to continue forcing him to shift weight to his back legs.  He can do about every other one near perfect.   He gets tangled up sometimes, but everyday is a little bit better.  He's walking pretty well now.   Still have not gotten potty control back, but he is peeing alot more on his own, leaving less to be expressed.   Poops still are not being controlled.

Video of cavalettis.....

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Video update at 7weeks

We are 7 weeks post- second surgery.   See Nathan's video.   He's doing pretty darn well.

We have started doing cavalettis to strengthen his back legs.  I'll get a video of it soon (as soon as he gets a bit better at it).  This exercise is basically where the dog has to step over something, like ladder rungs.  This forces the dog to pick up his front leg shifting weight to the back legs.  Nathan is pretty clumsy at this point but already after just a few times, he's getting the hang of it.  We are also having him eat dinner with his front legs up on a low step with weight on his back legs.  All of this is to stop him from hunching forward all the time.   Prior to going to this neurosurgeon, we were not aware of how important this is....but we know now!!