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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Frankie is sad too, the stroller saves the day

Our other dachshund, Frankie, had never been without Nathan.  We got Frankie 6 months after Nathan, so Frankie was by Nathan's side from when he was a pup.   He followed Nathan everywhere.   When we brought Nathan home from the hospital, Frankie was afraid of him.  He wouldn't go near him.  Even sadder, Frankie had no desire to go for walks or play without his very best friend.   Until Nathan was actually able to move around, Frankie would not interact with him.  Finally, Frankie started licking on Nathan again once Nathan was starting to move around.  The side effect of Frankie refusing to go for walks with Nathan was he began gaining weight.  His 13 lbs shot up to 16 lbs, at which point, he got put on a strict diet.   We needed to come up with a way to get Nathan back involved with our walks.   We found an inexpensive but sturdy pet stroller at   It was a lfe-saver!  Nathan was terrified to be in it at first.  He was shaking like a leaf.  But after a few times, he began to love it!  He was a true prince riding around in his carriage.  And, Frankie was happy again!  The pet stroller gave Nathan and Frankie back their beloved walkies.  

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