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Friday, September 23, 2011

Apparently, we should go away more often

I'm so amazed by Nathan's progress in the 5 days we were away.  On our walk this morning, Nathan walked further unassisted than ever before.  Did he need a break from us?  Were we pushing him too hard?  Maybe.  Perhaps a few days of taking it a bit easy gave his body time to rest and rebuild.  This is something to keep in mind as we continue to work towards recovery.  Not much progress on the potty front though.  He does squeak out little pee pees, but still can't empty his bladder.  I'm hopeful that these signs of small pee pees are a stepping stone to normal bladder function.   Another improvement is the amount of steps Nathan takes around the house.  Although he walks outsite, he tends to scoot around the house on the carpet.  I've noticed him making an effort to walk instead these last 2 days.  And, he had a pretty darn good wrestling match with Frankie last night. They haven't done much wrestling since the injury.  It's good to hear Nathan making his Chewbacca sounds.  Yes, he sounds like Chewbacca from Star Wars when he wrestles.

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