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Friday, August 17, 2012

Dog Days of Summer

We've been home from our North Carolina vacation for about a month now.   Before we left, it was just starting to get really hot here in Florida, but now, we are in the 90 degree everyday place.   Nathan has had a really hard time with this heat.    Since we got back from NC, he had been really struggling to walk.  It was so disappointing after how well he was doing in NC.

His last acupuncture was 2 days before we left and we had a 6-week stretch in between treatments.    We'd gone this long once or twice before, but this time, we really noticed a decrease in his abilities.   Normally, 2-4 days after a treatment, we see a big improvement in walking, which slowly degrades as time goes by.    He had a treatment last Thursday and we were worried because we saw no improvement, even by Monday, which is unusual.  In fact, his walking had deteriorated so much, we couldn't even take him on a walk with Frankie.  Then, as if a switch was flipped, on Wednesday, he was a walking maniac.  This morning, he practically ran down the street on his walk.   

It's a crazy roller coaster ride with Nathan.   It doesn't seem like we are going to be able to stop the acupuncture treatments because he is just a mess without them.   I also have started keeping the one toe on each foot bandaged with the tape all the time now because he is much more comfortable walking that way.  

I finally broke down and bought a ramp that sits on top of the steps to go in and out of our house.  Nathan will not likely ever be strong enough to go up and down the stairs, so this way he can walk on his own which makes him very happy.   We are in training mode now.  He's learning how to use the ramp as it is a bit steep.   He doesn't like new objects that were not there before, so he is very suspicious of the ramp.   So.....kibbles to go up the ramp and kibbles to go down the ramp!