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Saturday, November 24, 2012

The Roller Coaster Ride Continues...

So, we are 2 1/2 weeks into our new treatment program.   We did not see any change after the first week.  However, after the 2nd treatment (and 1 week on Double P), there was a dramatic change.  Out of nowhere, Nathan starting walking around the house, even on the tile and laminate floors.   It was bizarre because it was so sudden.   He rarely walked on tile/laminate because it was slippery for him.  He'd walk on the carpet, but that was all.

He was suddenly a walking machine.  I let him off leash in our neighborhood (quiet & not a thru-street).  He was like a kid in a candy store.  I can't describe how happy I was!   

Of course, then came the inevitable crash.  After walking great for about 1 week, the last 2 days, he has struggled with his left rear leg (which is his bad leg).   So, we'll be giving him a break today at least to see if its just as simple as he is sore from being a walking maniac.  

Next treatment is on Tuesday.  Looking forward to seeing what happens.

Of course, I also want to talk to the vet about that article that has everyone buzzing......


  1. Hope that a day or two of rest will do the trick! How awesome that he was a lean, mean, walking machine...

    Lily Belle

  2. Maybe he just needs a rest. We read that article too. We wish there was something like that back in 1992 when our Doxie, Ginger, became paralyzed. She managed to invent the "seal walk" and lived a very happy life for 11 more years.

  3. I hope Nathan bounces back. I wonder if he is sore from all the extra walking. When Cher was at a high point, and walking like crazy, I took her to have a pet massage. The gal who did it could tell immediately that Cher was very sore. Mostly the lower back, and back hips, and legs. I think your boy will bounce back. Cher has also started walking on tile the last 6 weeks. She like Nathan would do so much better if her right leg was stronger and worked better with the left. No matter what we do that right leg stays week. I am anxious to hear how Nathan does with this new treatment. I do not do acupuncture with Cher anymore. It did not seem to help her. If Nathan does well I may have to try this along with the double p. How much do you give, and how long will they leave him on it? Does he act weird on it?

    1. It's quite interesting how similar Nathan and Cher are (so many similar recovery patterns). Yes, I think Nathan overdid it. Hoping that's all it is. He was walking ok this morning, but after the walk he was acting sore again. So we didn't walk anymore today. Likely will take tomorrow off too.

      He doesn't seem to act any different on the Double P. The dose is pre-measured in a capsule, so I'm not sure of the amt. But, he takes 1 capsule twice/day. The plan is to keep him on the Double P while we do these higher dose acupuncture treatments. So, likely a few more weeks.