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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Testing a new protocol

Nathan's acupuncture vet recently returned from an international veterinary Eastern medicine symposium in China.  At the event, a US vet presented a case study of 12 dogs with IVDD.  Some were worse than Nathan, some were not as bad.   The vet presented his course of action.  He used a much higher level of electricity with the acupuncture than would normally be used.  He also felt strongly that the dog must be taking the herb, Double P II.   The treatments are given at a higher and more frequent level.   My vet said this vet had amazing results.

So....We are doing that higher level electrical current once a week and using the herb.  We are just going to do a 3 week test to see if there is any incremental change.  Nathan had his 2nd treatment yesterday.  Too soon to tell anything yet.    If there is no change, then more than likely Nathan has hit his plateau.

Stayed tuned....


  1. We wish you luck Nathan with the new protocol. We sure hope it will work out! We'll be keeping our fingers crossed.

    Lily Belle & Muffin

  2. Keeping our paws crossed that this works wonders for Nathan. Keep us updated.

  3. Good luck with the new and improved treatment. Please keep us posted, and let us know if you see improvement.

    Over the last 14 months there have been so many times when Cher just stops, and does not improve at all for months, then she surprises us yet again, and starts to improve once more. It will be interesting to watch Cher and Nathan as they age, will they be able to keep progressing?

  4. My dog is almost 3 weeks post IVDD surgery. Holistic vet also started him on electroacupuncture, cold laser therapy, and double P II. We're hoping for deep pain to return!

    I started a blog also!

    1. I just read your blog. Wow, he's not a dachshund! I've gotten so used to it always being doxsies. I'm crossing my fingers that deep pain returns soon for you guys. You should know more within another 2 weeks. I know the costs are bad, we've spent far more than $20,000 on Nathan so far. Be sure to buy the pee pee pads on Ebay. You can buy them in bulk for far less than even on Amazon. For wipes, don't buy the baby wipes, they are far more expensive than the bulk size grocery store brand face wipes. Face wipes are also gentle and you'll save alot of $s.