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Thursday, November 29, 2012

A Rough Night

As the evening progressed last night, Nathan became more agitated and could no longer lay down.  I was having a hard time even laying him on his side to relax.   By midnight, we decided he needed to go get a strong pain medicine.  So, off we went to the 24-hour emergency hospital.   They gave he an injection of pain medicine and gave us Tramadol to take home.  

This morning, we took him first thing to his regular vet.   After examining Nathan, Dr. C felt that the issue was pain in the neck and shoulder area (in front of the area of the 2 prior surgeries).   He gave him an anti-inflammatory injection that stays in the system for a week at a steady level and reduces inflammation far better than the oral prednisone.    He also did a round of laser therapy.  He wants to do 7 more treatments, every other day, and see if Nathan bounces back.  

As of right now, Nathan is still quite uncomfortable, but he did sleep in my lap for a few hours today which was good since he was basically up the entire night.


  1. I hope this will give Nathan a kick start, and get the swelling down. I hope the pain shot allows both of you to catch a few zzz's. Bless you

  2. We'll keep right on sending prayers and thinking about Nathan until he bounces back. I wonder if the sudden change in weather could be a partial reason for his discomfort. Amber had surgery on her neck a couple years ago after running into the stairs (trying to skip a step forgetting she has very short legs) and knocking a disc out of place. She's fine now but every so often she has a bad couple of days when the weather changes. Almost like arthritis.

  3. We hate to hear that news. Poor Nathan! We're still keeping our paws crossed for the little man.

    I know how broken hearted you feel. I was the same way when Lily ruptured her disk. I cried every single day for her.

    Hope the med's are kicking in.


  4. Just want you to know that Cher and I are thinking of Nathan. Hope he is improving and you are able to manage the pain.

  5. My heart is hurting with this news and what you and Nathan are going through right now. You all are in my thoughts. All I can imagine is his happy lil' face bouncing around my yard.


    1. The boys can't wait to come and visit you again and terrorize the cat! Nathan is working hard to get better so he can come visit again.

  6. I want to thank everyone for sending positive thoughts Nathan's way...hoping to be able to update everyone with some better news very soon....