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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Day Two begins

It was a relief to bring Nathan home yesterday.  I can't believe his hair is all shaved off again.   He is definitely no worse than he was before this surgery, which is a huge relief.  I'm really hopeful now that he will actually be able to improve more than he had. 

He is on a 14-day crate rest though.  14 days is not too bad.  Also, he is allowed to stay in a playpen size area, rather than a confined crate, so its really not too bad.  We made a furniture fort so he can stay in the family room with his normal bed, so he's not too freaked out.  I am able to work from home this week, so I've got my PC and phone right in the area where he is confined. 

The doctor has given us a long list of to-dos for the next 14 days.  Range of motion exercises, massage, ice, etc.  He is allowed to walk with a sling on the front lawn to go potty.  That's how I was able to see he can still walk.   For me, that's amazing since after his first surgery, he literally could not even move his body the slightest bit.

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  1. Heidi, I am so sorry you are going through this again. I'm so glad he is bouncing back faster than the first time. At least your an old hat at how to take care of your baby. It will be much easier this time around.

    It has always been one of my biggest fears that it would happen again with Cher. Chers recovery has been so similar to Nathans. I just dont know where I would get the money for another surgery.

    Send some healing rays for both you and Nathan. Lynette