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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Day Four comes to a close

I'm amazed how well Nathan seems after this surgery compared to the last.  Although he is on crate rest, he is allowed to walk with a sling to try to go potty.  His back legs are moving pretty darn well.  He can't fully support himself, but he definitely can move those back legs.  He appears to be full of energy so the next 10 more days of rest are going to be tough.   It's as if he did not have surgery at all. 

One thing on this surgery that I wanted to mention.   In addition to fixing the disks, the surgeon also did the fenestration procedure.  This reduces the chance of another disk rupturing from up to 20% down to 1%.  So, she assured me there is little chance of further incidents. 

I'm feeling really positive about what the outcome of this will be.


  1. Great News, Nathan. I wish they had this additional procedure years and years ago when we had Bart (who did fine) and his mother, Ginger (who was paralyzed for 11 of her 15 years).

    1. It's not only better procedures(thankfully), but so much is dependent on the quality of the surgeon. Nathan's situation is a really good example of how important it is to have the right surgeon!