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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Getting to a stable place

So, we are finding that Nathan is now doing best with 2 short walks and one longer walk (limited to about 1/2 mile).   Overall, he's getting about 1 mile of total walking per day.  This seems to keep him from having setbacks while still toning his muscles.  We'll stay at this level for awhile and see how we do.   One bit of good news, over the last week, he has managed to empty his bladder on the long walk a number of times.  With any luck, we can get this happening on the short walks.  Not sure if we'll ever get to the point where we can just run him outside to go potty.   



  1. Don't give up on that bladder issue. Sounds like he's on the right track and may totally surprise you.


  2. At least you know if he emptied it a few times then he can do it and it will only get better from here. Hang in there Nathan!