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Thursday, November 3, 2011

A bit of a set back

After 2 1/2 weeks of Nathan walking like a maniac, Tuesday came and something was wrong.  He could barely walk.  I didn't panic on that first day.  Then, Wednesday, same thing.  Slightly better, but nowhere near where we had been and he really needed to walk with his sling.  So, then, panic began to set in.  Could he have ruptured another disk or was this just extreme fatigue?  He had an acupuncture appointment with the vet on Thursday, so I tried to keep calm and waited for today.  So, I relayed the events of the past 3 weeks to the vet.  Immediately he said, it was probably too soon for us to have switched from every 2 weeks of treatment to every 3 weeks.  He examined Nathan and said he had low Chi.    We will go back to treatment every 2 weeks again.  We gave Nathan a rest tonight, no walking.  We'll slow start walking, shorter walks again tomorrow.  Hopefully, we haven't caused too much of a setback. 

I can't deny I am a bit heartbroken as this is really the first major setback that we have had.


  1. Stay strong and try not to be too discouraged. Stay confident that he'll bounce back and start doing the zoomies again real soon. Maybe a weather change has contributed to this.

  2. So sorry, but maybe he just needs a good rest and will be back up on his feet soon! Hang in there Nathan!