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Sunday, November 6, 2011


I need to sidetrack today to brag about my little Frankie, aka Doodlebug, so named for his compulsive need to drink water and subsequently pee.   Yesterday was the Dox-a-Palooza, which is DARE's annual fund raiser (Dachshund rescue).  For the 3rd year, Frankie took home 1st place in the Lick-a-Lot contest (most face licks in 1 minute).  At 152 licks, he beat his nearest competition, which was 93 licks.  Nathan was there to cheer on his best friend....and..Nathan...

is back in good shape after his Thursday acupuncture treatment.  He walked all over the park at Dox-a-Palooza and those who know him from our normal local dog park were rightfully impressed.   It was a fun day for all and I had two very tired doxsies when we got home! 


  1. Way to go Frankie! So glad to hear Nathan is feeling better and is back to walking again!

  2. Good job, Frankie!!! And good job, Nathan, too! Nothing can hold you back! :o)