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Friday, January 6, 2012

Steady as he goes

Nathan has been walking so well this week.  Normally by 2 wks post acupuncture, he begins to deteriorate, but not this time.  His leg muscles seem stronger to me.  He still does a little paw flip dragging the top of his foot so wrapping one toe on each foot is still definitely needed.  

He's doing pretty well on longer walks to empty his bladder, but I still can't get the instant pee pee on the front lawn.  Still emptying his bladder for that.    Could be some progress happening there.  Can't say the same for poops!!


  1. Years ago when we had Ginger and Bart (Ginger was paralyzed for 12 of her 15 years and Bart regained his walking ability), we learned that the part of the spinal cord that affects walking also affects the muscles they use for bladder and bowel control. Bart regained complete control. Ginger, of course, never did. Nathan is walking again so maybe bowel and bladder control will follow with additional time.

  2. By any chance, do you recall how long it took Bart to regain complete control? Always curious about the timelines that different pups experience....

  3. I hope he's doing good
    Dachshund Nola

  4. Keep it up Nathan, we are all rooting for you! It's always good to read when there has been progress for Nathan.