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Thursday, January 19, 2012

2 Day Business Trip

The stars aligned and both my husband and I had a business trip on the same 2 days.  The vet tech who was to stay at our house canceled at the last minute.  I was able to get a pet sitter who had some experience with special needs dogs to stay at our house.  She had never care for the boys before.

Before day-one was out, Frankie had vomited all over our white carpet (I know, why do I have white carpet with 2 dogs?).   Nathan, having a flare for the dramatic, did his normal thing....when he is not happy about his day being out of order, he rubs his nose in the carpet so hard that it literally rubs a sore into his nose turning it raw and pink.  The sitter thought he had cut his nose on something, which of course, he had not.  

Luckily, day-2, the boys settled down and all was well.    I'm home and all is well and the boys are happy to be back in their normal routine.  It's clear to see who runs this household!


  1. First time I have seen the nose rubbing on any other dog! Years ago I had a miniature doxie that did the same thing when he got upset about something.

  2. Well, they sure know how to let everyone know when they aren't happy, don't they? Of course they do....They're Weenie Dogs after all!