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Saturday, October 8, 2011

A slow week

It's been a slow week for progress.  Nathan is walking a bit further and a bit steadier, but definitely not a banner week.  Today, we went to the dog park.  This is the only time Nathan actually empties his bladder.  He's overcome by all the smells.  When we first got there, he literally did a normal squat and peed for a long time.  It was so strange, because it looked like a normal pee that a healthy dog would do.  But, at home, he has yet to do that.  He peed at least a dozen times at the park, marking everything in site.  I wish I could take home those smells to my front lawn!   His best friend (other than Frankie, of course), Apollo, was at the park today and they played for quite a while.  When Apollo saw Nathan from across the park, he came running over.  Nathan was sooooo happy!  They are just like children.

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