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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Another new therapy to consider?

Nathan may not like his acupuncture visits every other Thursday, but I do.  He always is a bundle of energy afterwards and walks like a maniac. 

At this Thursday's visit, the vet told me he discussed Nathan's case with another acupuncture teacher and neurosurgeon in our area.  This doctor is leading the way on platelet/stem cell treatment for animals (using their own platelets).   As doxsie owner himself, he told my vet that if it were his dog, he would do the treatment.  He has had good results in situations like Nathan's, esp. where his recovery is hindered by one leg being weaker than the other.  The treatment is done on the weaker leg.  My vet said he would do it too, if we aren't were we want to be in another 5-6 weeks.  So, need to begin considering that treatment.  I've read very good things about it on the internet in treating arthritis in animals.

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