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Saturday, September 22, 2012

National Walk 'N Roll Dog Day

Today is a day dedicated to IVDD and those dogs who are wheelchair bound.  Although they are tied to a wheelchair, they have such great spirit and are such fighters!   See link below to view lots of pictures of these wonderful dogs.

Today, I am thankful that Nathan can walk as well as he can.   And, I'm thankful that I have a wheelchair in the closet that I have never had to use even once.


  1. Yeah Nathan! We will celebrate today with you. My surgery was one year ago yesterday. Today I'm a healthy and happy girl once again!

    Lily Belle

  2. Good for you, Nathan! Maybe some day you can pass that wheelchair on to a dog who really needs it. So glad to hear you're doing so well!


  3. I took my two dogs to strut you mutt yesterday. Its a fund raiser for best friends sanctuary. It was so fun to see how many dogs were there in there carts, and the wonderful owners who go the extra mile.
    Cher went in her cart because she never would have been able to walk that far. Its very heartwarming to see all the love these owners have for disabled cart babies. I hope to be able to donate Che'sr cart by the time strut your mutt rolls around next year.