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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

3 Months Past Surgery #2

It's hard to believe 3 months have gone by since Nathan's 2nd surgery.  As of this week, his walking stamina is where it was prior to the surgery.  He is back up to walking about 1/2 mile again.  He doesn't seem to drag his back paws much anymore.  I never have to wrap them anymore.  That seems to be a result of improvement from this 2nd surgery.  

He has developed a very bad habit of scooting around the house.  We are battling with that.  There really is no excuse for scooting around the house when you can walk 1/2 mile outside.  So, we play games of walking around the house for treats.   We are still doing cavalettis and he's pretty darn good at them now.  I truly believe this exercise has made a world of difference.  He actually is starting a get a little butt!!   And, its a pretty cute butt!

But, no, potty control is not returning... :(

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  1. It is truly wonderful news that Nathan is walking around! Keep up the good work with him. We were thrilled to hear the great news.

    Lily Belle