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Friday, May 18, 2012


We've starting working on cavalettis with Nathan to continue forcing him to shift weight to his back legs.  He can do about every other one near perfect.   He gets tangled up sometimes, but everyday is a little bit better.  He's walking pretty well now.   Still have not gotten potty control back, but he is peeing alot more on his own, leaving less to be expressed.   Poops still are not being controlled.

Video of cavalettis.....


  1. He's doing really well! Much better than the last time we saw him!

  2. I know! The whole concept of doing specific exercises that force him to shift weight to his back legs has made a significant difference. Prior to this 2nd surgery and getting this info from the surgeon, I had no idea how important this type of movement was.

  3. Way to go Nathan! We are so happy to see that you are making such awesome progress. Keep up the good work my friend. And to your Mom and Dad ~ You guys rock! Keep loving your little man, he's doing so well thanks to you!

    Lily Belle

  4. So glad to see you are doing good Nathan! Mom has thought a lot about how you were doing but since I have been so sick she hasn't had time to catch up on all the blogs. Great job with your exercises!

  5. Nathan you are doing wonderful! Each time I check on you , there is progress. Keep up the hard work.

    Heidi, you are a super mom! I now from experience how much time and effort this takes. Pat your self on the back.

    I would love the try cavalettis with Cher. Thanks for keeping me up to date on everything you are doing with Nathan, it is really helping me with Chers therapy. She is not as strong as Nathan, and still sways and bunny hops, but we are working on improving her muscle mass in her back end.
    Thanks you and Nathan inspire us!

    1. If you've got some exercises that you are doing with Cher that you think have particularly helped, please let us know what it is! Everyone comes up with different things and its always good to get some additional ideas.

    2. Some things Chers physical therapists wanted us to do---

      Walking--figure 8's, circle,zig zags, walking back and forth across the street, on a street with a good incline. ( zig-zag back and forth up a steep street)

      Cher's Neurologist said that walking is the very best therapy at this point.

      Good luck. Let's hope Cher and Nathan are stronger by the end of the year!