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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Tremors and Fever

We managed to survive the first night of Nathan being at home again.  As morning arrived, we realized that Nathan's condition was getting worse.  The tremors were worse and he seemed to have a fever.  He was crying and could not be consoled.  We scooped him up and drove to the hospital where the neurologist was on staff, instead of going back to where he had the surgery.   It was a LONG 40 minute drive.   Once at the hospital, he was examined and admitted into the ICU.   The neurologist would not see him until the next day, so we waited, painfully, until then.   The call from the neurologist confirmed our fears.   He could not be sure Nathan had any deep pain sensation.  He felt the tremors were from a reaction to the mylogram dye.   And, he gave Nathan only 50% chance of recovery.   Could it get any worse?  Time to start considering whether Nathan should be put down or not.  We couldn't do it as long as we had hope.  So, we waited out the 5 days in the ICU.   A variety of IV and oral meds, and time, finally cleared his system of the tremors and he began to stabilize.   By the 5th day, the neurologist cautiously stated Nathan appeared to be regaining some DPS and was ready to go home.  

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